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Our team of experts conducts a thorough evaluation of your case, ensuring a high probability of success.


Our claim assistance has been very helpful to many veterans.

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  • A professional Nexus letter created and authorized by our experienced team.

  • We handle the difficult tasks for you.

What we guarantee

We have a responsibility to repay the debt we owe for your selfless service in combat. Our objective is to assist you in obtaining the VA disability benefits you deserve by providing you with the necessary Nexus Letter.

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Receive a complimentary evaluation from our team of doctors at no charge.

Step 2:

Provide all required documentation.

Step 3:

The Nexus Letter is En Route to You.

Without taking any risks or incurring any initial expenses.

COMPLIMENTARY ADVANCE SCREENING. To determine if we can assist you with your nexus letter, please provide a brief summary of your circumstances and speak with our knowledgeable team. This preliminary assessment is offered at no charge or commitment on your part. Please refer to our complete case review page.